The internet has made the world a global village, but that doesn’t undermine the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses that cater primarily to local clients lose ground to their competitors if they don’t have a strong online presence. Improving your local SEO can help you increase your market share and avoid competing with large brands that are targeting a global or nationwide audience.

Brands can no longer afford to ignore the importance of local SEO.

You absolutely cannot overlook the importance of local SEO. According to Go-Globe, nearly half of the people who perform a local search on their handheld device visit the store on the same day. This stat gives rise to the fact that if the visibility of your company is not high enough in local searches, it’s only a matter of time before your competitors start getting the better of you. Here are ten tips that can help you effectively improve your local SEO.

  1.    Build Out Local Listings:

To boost your local SEO, you have to build your presence on local listings.

What you can do is make your company visible in many local listings. Include keywords from your business into these listings, ensure that the pictures you upload are not outdated and make sure you specify your business type.

  1.    Local Coverage:

You can take the traditional route, i.e. advertising your business in local magazines and publications. Search results for local publications are likely to appear higher in search results. We advise you to concentrate your efforts towards top-grossing magazines and develop symbiotic relationships with local journalists so that they can advertise your business in their articles and their stories, which will help improve your SEO greatly.

  1.    Establishing Links:

The number of top quality links directly affects your SEO success. You can do this by making an appearance at a local university, publishing an article about your company on an online blog or speaking at a business conference. Use these prospects to link your website to theirs, which will immensely improve your SEO.

  1.    Hyper Localized Content For Multi Local Companies:

Companies with outlets in many cities of a country or areas of a city should build special pages for each instead of the same page with a different location, which will increase diversity among pages of the same brand. At the same time, it provides an element of uniqueness to each page, which you can manage according to the dynamics of the area.

  1.    Social Media:

You can use social media to promote your business. Set up profiles and pages on different social networks. Facebook has a reach of over 2 billion people and offers great targeting features. Instagram is the most popular social network among the youth. You can post relevant content as well as paid ads to bolster your local SEO via social media.

  1.    Properly Utilize Google My Business:

Google My Business is a tool the search engine giant offers for businesses to bolster their SEO efforts. You have to start by claiming your listing. The best approach is to use your actual business name for Google My Business. From there on, you have to complete the verification process, after which Google will send an actual postcard that includes a PIN. You have to enter the PIN to verify your listing. To properly utilize Google My Business for local SEO, add accurate information about business.

The information you can add to your listing includes business hours, payment methods, and categories. Fill it out carefully and you are good to go. The only catch is you have to fill out each and every section!

  1.    Optimize Website with Local Keywords:

For local SEO, you need to use keywords that include your location. For instance, if you have a New York based web designing firm, web designer in New York will be a better keyword as compared to simply web designer.

  1. Create High Quality Content:

Mediocre content repels local readers (potential customers). Improve your content quality to attract more readers and to induce interest in them. Moreover, the content has to be engaging and not mechanical. Readers will not show any semblance of interest if the content is boring or filled with jargon. Similarly, they won’t appreciate if there are any spelling or grammar issues, so make sure you proofread before you post.

  1.    Specify An Area:

Once you develop your website, add a location to Google Maps, and insert key words in local listings. Also, remember to specify the area in which your services are applicable.

  1. Share Reviews:

Last, but not the least, ask existing satisfied customers to write a short review or testimonial for your business. Social proof matters in local SEO, and with authentic reviews, you can boost your local SEO score. However, never solicit fake reviews!

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