Do you spend your evenings browsing the latest trending news, perusing cooking blogs for new recipes, or succumbing to your proclivity for all things celebrity gossip? Many businesses believe the only way to creating their own successful digital footprint via blogging is with copious amounts of energy, time, effort, and maybe even a few tears. However, procuring quality content to distribute on social channels and amplify your website’s SEO ranking can be done without sacrificing your third unborn child to the blogging gods. Here are 5 simple tactics for accomplishing your company’s blogging goals in less time.

Outsource Your Blogging

Many businesses lack the personnel, resources, or time to craft consistent and effective blog posts. It’s no surprise that many companies are hesitant to outsource their efforts, seeing that their blog is not only an important channel driving sales leads, but acts as the voice of the entire business. However, outsourcing your blogging through a reputable company is both scalable and cost-effective. You’ll be able to leverage their market intelligence, fresh perspective, and robust understanding of keyword optimization to create valuable content for your target audience.

Get Inspired by Your Own Experience & Expertise

If your job requires you to meet with each interviewee that walks through the door, chances are you have an arsenal of career advice (and most likely great stories) to share with the internet. Writing about what you’re already familiar with will preserve valuable time that would otherwise be spent doing research. The simple elements of your daily routine in the workplace may seem ordinary, but for the individuals scouring the internet for information related to what you do, your advice and perspective can be very powerful. In addition, because you are penning articles that draw upon your individual expertise, you’ll be able to compose new posts quickly and effectively.

The Instrumental Interview

Need to craft a post surrounding management tips for IT leaders and possess zero knowledge on the topic? Here’s where you can get creative without sacrificing a great deal of time. Interview someone who is proficient in the language of IT management – whether it be an internal colleague with considerable experience in the tech realm, a friend, or an influencer in the space. Dedicate 10-15 minutes to connect with that individual in-person or via conference call, jot down detailed notes, and you’ve got yourself some compelling information to work with.

On a similar note, interviewing a long-standing client or satisfied customer can help boost your business’s credibility and build rapport among potential consumers. In addition, conducting a two-way interview with one of your business partnerships or vendors is a great way to increase brand awareness, SEO, and the number of inbound links driving traffic to your site from trustworthy sources. You’ll also be helping one of your highly-regarded vendors gain visibility, further solidifying that partnership while collecting the knowledge you need to write a captivating blog post.

Skim Through Relevant Sites

If your idea light bulb has gone dark and you need to reignite its brilliant yellow glow, try browsing the internet for a little stimulation. Coming up with a new topic to write about can often consume more time than it actually takes to create the piece. Consulting some industry-related blogs can help spark your creativity while also providing insight on what subjects are engaging your audience the most. You should also check out what’s trending on Twitter or LinkedIn as you may be able to draw parallels between headlining news and your business. Dedicate a few minutes each day to scanning news feeds, social media, and blog sites, jot down the topics that resonate with you, and reference this list when you need inspiration.

Police Yourself

When you sit down to write your next post, make sure you eliminate any distractions and don’t fall into a habit of over-thinking each sentence. Let the words flow from your keyboard to the screen and reserve the editing and restructuring for later. Blogging is a crucial part of your content marketing strategy, yet it tends to get overshadowed by other business endeavors. By creating a deadline for the post, you’ll be holding yourself accountable for completing the work in the timely fashion. And here’s the hardest part, share the deadline with one of your coworkers – a trusted friend or one of your colleagues who will be editing or distributing the post to social media. Because let’s face it, if you’re the sole keeper of the deadline, you can always alter it and push it off to a later date.