A Guide To Remarketing (Google + Facebook)

Remarketing….re? Yep: remarketing is a powerful tool for crushing your digital marketing efforts. Although the term remarketing refers to a type of digital marketing, the basic idea of remarketing has been around for hundreds of years. Every time you see a logo you’ve already seen before, every time you see a billboard, every time you get a catalog from a company you’ve bought from in the past, you’re being (re)marketed to.

What is Remarketing?
In the digital world, remarketing means continuing to engage with potential customers even after they’ve navigated away from your website. With Google, you can show them ads that pop-up around the web or directly in search results. With Facebook, you can show them specific posts, or you can ask them to like your page (or both).

Why Remarket?
When you remarket to people who’ve already expressed interest in your business, you are spending your advertising dollars on people who have already self-selected themselves as potential customers. Advertising to such a highly-niche group of people can lead to much higher conversion rates and ROI for your marketing dollars.

Are There Different Kinds of Remarketing?
Yes. There are as many different types of remarketing options as there are platforms that Internet users visit. You can remarket with video ads, search results ads, Facebook posts, and even email.

How Can You (Re)Market to People Who’ve Left Your Website?
You can reach folks who’ve visited your website, but not taken action, with a simple cookie. The cookie stores a small amount of information about your guest’s online visit and will then talk to Google or Facebook (depending on which platforms you use) to determine who should get shown your advertisements.

Can You Select Exactly Who You Remarket to?
Yes! What’s the point in showing an ad to someone who already signed up for your services? You can pick and choose to whom you display ads based on many criteria from whether or not they made a purchase or filled out a contact form — to where they live, and how long they browsed your website.

How Do You Get Started with Remarketing?
To get started, you’ll need to obtain tracking codes from the advertising platform of your choice (i.e.: Facebook or Google). First, though, you’ll need to determine which advertising platform is best for your goals and target market. If your website visitors are younger, or more social, Facebook may be your best bet. If your website visitors are more research-heavy, Google may be the platform that will get your goals met.

Bottom line? Remarketing can be extremely powerful — and a way to maximize the ROI from your digital marketing expenditures. Your best bet to get started may just be to work with a digital marketing firm who have experience with setting up, and efficiently running, remarketing campaigns for their clients and, next time you see a logo on a television set, a computer, your smartphone — remember this: you’re being re-marketed to. Isn’t time to put the power of remarketing to work for your business?