When it comes to putting your marketing online (aka digital marketing), one of the most common questions is, “Google Adwords: is it really worth it?”. Want a one-word answer? Yes.

Why? First, let’s do a quick overview of what Google Adwords is. Adwords is a paid advertising service (you pay for each person that clicks over to your website). Great, web traffic…you may be thinking. It’s not just any web traffic, however: it’s visitors who have been specifically searching for services just like yours. If, for example, you are an accountant based in Hamilton, Ontario and you pay for Google ads, your ad will be shown to people searching for “Hamilton, Ontario Accountant” not just “accountant” and not just “Hamilton, Ontario.” See the magic here? With Google Adwords, you’re able to put your services front and center before people who actively need what you can offer them.

Not convinced or just need some more info? Let’s look at the three key ways in which Google Adwords works for your business marketing:

1. Measure Your Results

With Google Adwords, you can track exactly which ads are working, and for whom. Being able to track like this means you prevent showing the wrong ads to the wrong people (and paying for it). When you work with a marketing firm that understands Google Adwords, you can fine-tune your messaging and your audience to turn Google Adwords into a well-oiled moneymaking, customer-generating machine for your business.

2. Control Your Costs

One of the best things about Google Adwords when you’re trying to generate some buzz for your business? It’s cost-effective. Unlike paying for a billboard or a television commercial or radio spot (in which you pay a lump sum to reach a group of people you hope may be interested), you only pay for people you know are interested enough in your business to click through to it (clicks equal interest). On top of that, you’re in control: you decide exactly how much you are willing to pay each day (you can start your daily budget as low as $5).

3.Google Adwords Makes You ‘the Solution’ to a Problem

Solution-based marketing is the driving force in today’s customer-centric climate: customer-centric, solution-based marketing is what drives sales. With Google Adwords, you become the solution to the problem your target audience is trying to solve. Someone needs a kennel in Burlington, Ontario. They open google and ask for help by typing “Burlington, Ontario Kennels Near Me….”. Your ad pops up: you are the solution to their exact problem…bingo!

Bottom line? Google is here to stay, why not start taking advantage of the amazing tools it can offer businesses such as yours? You don’t need to be a major brand to take advantage of online and digital marketing: you can start small and at your own pace (or you can reach out to a digital marketing firm to really make every last cent do double duty for your business).

What do you think? Have you used Google Adwords before? Do you currently use it? What was the top benefit your business saw/sees from this service?