Do you use Twitter to market your business and services? Are you considering using Twitter? Twitter can deliver incredible ROI in the digital marketing world and one key way to put Twitter to work for you is through growing your following on the platform. The truth is: developing a strong following on Twitter requires commitment, a time investment, and regular postings. It’s not something you can do overnight (and if anyone tells you that you can, run!) but if you put in the investment now, the ROI can be downright transformative over time.

Link to Your Account
Ok, this may be obvious, but a lot of folks end up forgetting to link to their social media accounts when they finish their website. Be sure you have a clear link to any and all social media platforms which you are regularly using.

Current Topics and Trends
Twitter is first, and foremost, a place where users turn for quick conversations and glimpses of news and current events. The best way to establish yourself as a prominent Twitter user for your business category and location? Share current discussions, topics, and trends relating to your industry and services. Tweet, retweet, and comment on current issues as often as you can. You can use Twitter’s built-in search bar to find trending discussions and topics as they relate to your specific keywords.

Engaging with Established Users
Users who have a large following are a virtual goldmine for creating a large audience of your own. When a prominent Twitter user tweets about a topic related to your business, jump right into the conversation. Tweet, retweet, comment – and respond to comments left by others. It’s a great way to get more visibility for your business and to get more followers.

Following with Gratitude
Believe it or not, Miss Etiquette applies to social media platforms like Twitter. Nothing generates goodwill (and more followers) like a little gratitude. When someone tweets at you, or retweets one of your tweets, be sure to send them a simple thank you! When someone follows you, again: thank them.  Until you’ve grown a large following, you really should be thanking every single person who somehow engages with your account. Keep going, and eventually, you may be thanking all of these users for their sales.

Occasionally Mentioning Large Twitter Accounts
Have a tweet that’s about, or somehow applies to, a Twitter user with a large account? Loop them into the conversation by mentioning them (use the @ sign to find their username in your tweet box). Think of Twitter’s @mention feature as a CC on an email: it’s a way to offer someone a way to chime in on your topic. A hidden benefit? Their followers can also see your tweet — so they may navigate over to your account and engage with you while they’re there!

Bottom line? Start tweeting! If you don’t have the time investment or know-how or both — consider working with a digital marketing firm to really ignite the power of social media marketing for your business.