Digital marketing services

Digital marketing is all about embracing the power of the share. Social media has become a widely-used medium for sharing information and, if you do it right, you can draw real attention to your business. Social media is a platform to share thoughts, videos, pictures, and news articles. It’s also an excellent medium for advertising your products and services. But you need to be a little savvy about it.

People are addicted to their mobile devices. Do you ever wonder what the heck they’re looking at all the time? Chances are they’re using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Who do you want to see your marketing content?

The first consideration when you’re considering digital marketing is “who”. Think about this in terms of age demographic. Facebook has the broadest demographic of them all, with an audience that spans the generations. Instagram has a strong 20/30 something demographic, with a smaller percentage of silver surfers. Twitter is almost as broad as Facebook, but their advertising structure is complicated (so we won’t be considering it for this article). Snapchat is principally used by teenagers.

Your safest bet to get you started is to consider Facebook because it covers most stops.

Set up a Facebook Page

If you already have a Facebook account, you will want to keep your personal stuff private and separate from your professional information. Setting up a business page is the best way to keep your personal information separate from your business.

A Facebook Page is simple to set up and is a great center for boosting posts so that you can gather followers.

Inject some personality

A Facebook Page is an opportunity to inject some personality. Don’t just post “buy my new range of products” because people will get bored. Give your followers a reason for engaging with your content.

When you post updates, think outside of the box a little and give your followers something about you, as much as about your business. Sharing articles that are relevant to your business is a great way to provide a broader reason for people to follow your Page.

Before you post an update, consider whether it’s suitable for your audience. Your Facebook Page is your shop-front – would you display your update in your shop window?

Boost your post

This is where Facebook becomes a really powerful marketing tool.

Effectively, Facebook users are giving Facebook their preferences hundreds of times a day. Whenever somebody checks Facebook and “Likes” a comment, Facebook clocks the response. They discover that you Like roller-disco because you just Liked a video about somebody learning how to roller skate, for example.

These days, you can react to somebody’s post in a range of ways – your response can be Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry. So, basically, each time you use one of those reaction indicators, you tell Facebook exactly how you feel about something, and how passionately.

This is a little scary when you pull it apart. But from the advertiser’s perspective, it’s great, because Facebook is collating a thorough impression of their user’s responses, so they know how individuals are likely to respond to your boosted post.

So, when you write a post on your Facebook Business Page, you have the option of boosting that post. And it’s a great way to gather new followers.

Your advertising post should contain a visual of some kind – a photo, slideshow or video – and a brief text update. Make your post shareable – this is the best way to send your message out further afield.

Perhaps you want to advertise a special offer, or an open day, or a special event. Make it completely clear in your text what you want from your reader, include an attractive image – and click on “Boost Post”.

You’ll be able to identify exactly who you want to see your post. You can be really specific – the more specific you can be, the better.

You can request that people see your post who enjoy DIY, enjoy shopping, like going to shop-openings, with a history of responding to special offers. It’s amazing how specific you can be, so explore the options, because specificity is king here.

Consider, if you were to print 5000 flyers and drop them through letterboxes, that flyer is probably relevant to 1% of the people who receive it. That’s 99% of your flyers wasted. Imagine if you only dropped leaflets through the letterboxes of the people that you knew would be interested. That’s, effectively, what you’re doing with your boosted Facebook post.

Facebook will give you an approximate price for your ad (it’s inexpensive!). They’ll check your boosted post and send it out to the world.

Engage with your followers

You might be boosting your post because you want new people to Like your Page. If this is the case, you should be prepared to get engaging with them. This comes down to the “inject some personality” activities. Give your readers a reason to engage with your content, and they will.

Post regular updates about your business, share news items that are relevant (avoiding politics!), share other people’s posts, and become a regular feature on your follower’s timeline.

Online marketing isn’t always about directly saying “buy my products”. It’s often about developing a relationship with potential customers. They might not immediately require your services, but they may do in the future. It’s about laying down the groundwork so that when they are in need, they’ll know where to look.