From viral videos of Mannequin Challenges to trending tweets and live broadcasted events, digital media has become an integral part of strengthening the public’s perception of your business and brand. Content marketing, in particular, is a strategic marketing approach aimed at creating harmony across the myriad of social media outlets available to you. In order to boost competitive presence, cultivate new revenue, and amplify customer loyalty, you must go beyond demographics and devise content that engages your audience and addresses their interests, concerns, and needs in a meaningful way.

Why Is a Well-Crafted Content Marketing Strategy so Important?

1. Cultivate New Leads. Whether you’re a local company, a trendy new startup, or a larger, established business, developing valuable content can attract consumers and convert them into new business leads. The content you produce and the platforms you employ to spread your message must be relevant to your target audience in order to capture the right individuals. This means going beyond the allure of vanity numbers and amassing a throng of low-quality, stagnant followers and creating consistent content that captivating, informative, and advantageous to those on the other side of the screen.

2. Enhance Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Thanks to our digital marketplace, information is now easily accessible with a simple click of a button. By consulting search engines, like Google, consumers can quickly assess the credibility and worth of your company’s products or services. Improving your search engine optimization will increase your website’s organic visibility in search results when a user types in keywords relevant to your business. Market intelligence fused with content marketing campaigns that are tactical and calculated will increase your digital footprint and ensure your business is populating in relevant searches.

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3. Paint Your Company as an Industry Thought Leader. Strengthening your brand equity, laying the groundwork for meaningful interaction, and creatively engaging with your audience through hashtags and memes will foster consumer loyalty and generate new business. Separating yourself from competitors by positioning your company as an industry expert will propel customers to use your products/services over another’s. Webinars, blogging, and demonstrating a presence within your industry’s community are a few ways to encourage and nurture trust among your target audience.

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Remember when this was cool?

4. Stimulate Revenue Growth. How effective would a shiny new car be if your joyride was greeted by a big, fat zero when you pressed down on the gas pedal? The same goes for your digital strategy. Do you want revenue growth to remain stagnant despite your content marketing efforts? Of course not. That’s why it’s imperative to implement carefully designed tactics for driving brand recognition and bolstering more sales leads.

5. Attract Social Media Followers. Targeted digital advertising and the distribution of content via social media channels will help your business to accumulate followers on your social pages. By constructing content focused on your audience’s behaviors, interests, and concerns, you’ll amass a group of brand ambassadors that believe in your business’s message and act as a referral source for your company as they share and comment on your content. Attracting quality followers also means having a crowd of individuals that will consistently see your new content every time you post to social media.