Real Estate Pay Per Click (PPC)

A way to reach customers when they are actively searching for a home, utilizing your website to generate more leads and sales.

Be seen at the top of Google & Bing

Attract people who are actively searching for real estate

Target by city, zip code, neighbourhood & type of home

Focus on price points that you want to work with

Build a large database of potential buyers

How do Search Ads work?

With Google & Bing Search Ads, you can advertise your website when someone types in a particular phrase like “Anthem Country Club”. Once they land on your website and find a home that they are interested in, they will be asked to create an account giving you their name, email address & phone number. This now becomes a lead you can call, text & email.

How much does PPC for a real estate agent cost?

With Google & Bing Search Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.
The cost of the lead can range from $5/lead to $20/lead based on your location, competition & seasonality.

You set a monthly budget that will help determine how many leads you will generate.

You generate leads on a daily basis.

You can adjust your monthly budget at any time.

Asterisk Marketing PPC Program

Managed Account - Features & Benefits

In-depth Market Research & Analysis

Based on the cities you target and the price points you are looking to attract, we provide an in-depth analysis of your marketplace that includes: neighborhoods/subdivisions, types of homes, zip codes, school district, # of listings available & median price.

In your account, we will be targeting 100s (if not 1,000s) of different keywords to ensure we show up for each search query based on the location & price points you are looking to attract.

Lead Conversion Tracking

We will set up a Google Analytics account on your behalf (if you don’t already have one) ensuring every lead that your website generates can be tracked to its source.

Ad Copy Creation

We will create a highly compelling ad copy to bring the searcher from click to close. Each ad group will contain 3-4 different ads.

On-going Budget Monitoring

We check your account on a daily basis to ensure we are maximizing your monthly investment. If, for any reason, your account stops running, we will notify you ASAP.

On-going Keyword Optimization

Based on the data we generate, we will make adjustments to the keywords we are on bidding. Adjustments such as lowering our bids, increasing our bids, pausing the keyword, adding in new keywords, etc.

On-going A/B Ad Copy Testing

After we have significant data, we will pause low performing ad copy and create new ad copy to AB test. This optimization technique ensures our ads are never stagnant and always improving to get you the best results possible.

On-going Account Recommendations

Our goal is to work with you in a partnership, not a set and forget campaign. We will continuously approach you with new recommendations based on how your account is doing, information we learn from other clients, etc.

Monthly Strategy Calls

We pride ourselves in working with YOU to maximize the results of your campaign. While we can see the numbers, we rely on you to learn about cities, neighborhoods or types of homes that are producing high quality leads. In our monthly calls, we can discuss what you are seeing on your end, what we have seen on our end, as well as lead conversion techniques, new services we offer, and how to grow your business

Monthly Reporting

Each month we will provide you with an in-depth report that breaks down your advertising investment, number of leads, search terms people clicked on, optimizations our team made, etc. This report will give you a high level overview of the health of your campaign.

Dedicated Account Representative

Your success is our success. Each client will get a dedicated account representative whose mission is to help you reach your goals.

Wait, I can only give 5 stars?! In the one-year Asterisk Marketing has been handling my online lead generation I have seen a return of 15-1, earning over $250K in GCI from the leads Asterisk has generated!

Allan Lewis


Start Growing With Asterisk Marketing Today

Take the first step in taking your real estate business to the next level.

Start Growing With Asterisk Marketing Today

Take the first step in bringing your real estate business to the next level.