Hey Asterisk Marketing Ecosystem!

I wanted to fill you in on an amazing referral competition we are unleashing that runs from February 1st – February 28th!

The top three finishers will split nearly 10k+ in marketing services, gift cards & more!

The top three agents with the most points (Minimum 5) come February 28th will receive the following, based on standings.

$1,500 Costco
Gift Cards

We will provide you with 1 year of free PPC management ($5K value) and one (1) piece of content that ranks per month ($4.5K value) for a total of $9.5K in value!

or Cash Value ($500)

Know someone who might be a good fit?

Know someone who might be a good fit?

For every successful referral* you will receive 3 points!

For those referrals that don’t want to pull the trigger yet, you’ll receive one point for making the connection. As long as we have a call with them during the designated time frame, you will receive a point!

Every time you recommend us via Facebook Groups, you will be awarded half a point. Just make sure you tag Asterisk Marketing or Philip Pasma so we get notified.

Your points will be tallied and at the end of the competition you’ll be notified if you’re in the top 3 spots. Winners will be awarded 3 awesome prizes!


You’ll also get a free month of PPC management

(for current clients) or $300.00 cash for every agent that signs up for our PPC program. That can add up REAL quick.

All you have to do is connect interested individuals with us via email at mlorentz@asteriskmarketing.co, and we can take it from there.

*Successful referral = referred customer who signs on to work with Asterisk Marketing before February 27th 2023.

Referral Competition Points Guide

Action Points Earned
Successful Referral 3 Points
New Connection 1 Point
Facebook Group Recommendation .5 Point