SEO Questionnaire

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    Starter ($3,000/month)Advanced ($5,000/month)Premium ($7,000/month)

    • The content we write is created specifically to rank in search engines. We use specific keywords, titles, topics and length of content designed to give you the best opportunity to rank. We strive to write professional, detailed & optimized content, however, the information will never be as accurate as a local writer.

    • I understand that SEO is a long-term investment. 95% of new pages don't rank on the first page within a year of being published. I understand that I will see very little changes in terms of increases in the number of organic leads & traffic for at least 6 months.

    • I understand that between year 1 & year 2 is when I should see the most significant improvement in organic traffic & leads.

    • I understand that although Asterisk Marketing does not require a contract, they recommend running a SEO campaign for at least 2 years to understand the true potential.