By Phil
Feb. 22. 2021

Google My Business Real Estate Agents

At one point or another, we’ve all come across a Google My Business Page. Whether looking for the closest pizza place, researching best places to order flowers, or in your case “realtors nearby”, a Google My Business Page has become a staple feature for any local credible business.

So what is a Google My Business Page?

Simply put, a Google My Business Page is an online tool that helps searchers local businesses in their specific area which is relevant to their search. Think of it as a digital version of the yellow pages found in your grandmother’s phone book. 

So why don’t you have one? 

A Google My Business Page, or GMB as we will call it, is an important part of local SEO and is a great way to gain exposure and boost visibility. Did I also mention it was completely free? That’s right! 

So now that you’ve stopped shaking your head for waiting so long to create one – let’s go through the steps of setting up your GMB.

Step # 1 – First and foremost you will need a google account – so if you don’t already have one, you will want to go ahead and create one.

create a google account

Step # 2 – Once signed into your Google account go to and select “Manage Now”

Create a GMB

Step # 3 – Add your business name

It is very important to remain consistent across all forms of media and advertising. Use your “doing as business name” which appears on your business card, website, social media profiles, etc. to ensure no confusion. For most real estate agents, that should just be their first and last name. 
Add business name

Step # 4 – Choose your business category.

Individual? Real Estate Agent
Office/Company? Real Estate Agency

Add Business Category


Step # 5 – Add your business address

As with the business name it is important to remain consistent. Add the address of your physical office, exactly as it appears on your business card, website, etc.
Add your business address

Step # 6 – Select if you serve customers outside of this location
You would want to select yes! Not only do you service clients across a large geographical area, but you also meet with clients for various reasons such as open houses, signing documents and house showings.

Why is this important? Because it allows for you to rank for searches outside your immediate location.

If you are part of a larger brokerage, and you sign up for a GMB as an individual you will be in competition with your own company – which may be a no-no. If that’s the case, you will need to include a virtual office (ie. home address) and you cannot select that box (don’t try to fool Google, Google knows all, Google will know if it’s a residential address). Keep in mind – if that box is not selected, you will not show up on Google Maps.
Select serve location

Step # 7 – Add the areas which you serve!

Add as many areas as you like – this field is unlimited!  For greater accuracy, you can add by zip code or city/area.

Step # 8 – Add contact details.

Don’t forget to link your URL to your website!
This is the #1 way to provide consistency and legitimacy to your profile! Make sure NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) is the same across all advertising and social media platforms.

Add your business contact info

Step # 9  – Verify

Google will require you to verify your GMB which is done by receiving a code, generally by mail. There are certain instances and areas which will allow for a phone or email verification, however most times you will be required to wait for the mailed verification code.
Verify your GMB

Step # 10 – Add details

The more detail the better! Don’t forget to include hours of operation (in your case 24/7!), business description, high-quality photos and business logo!

Complete the info

5 Benefits For Setting Up a Google My Business Page

There are a ton of reasons why creating your Google My Business Page should be on the top of your “to-do” list. A simple and free tool that offers to boost visibility and pull your name to the top of the Search Engine Results Page? What more could you ask for?

Benefit # 1: Free Exposure!

And who doesn’t love free? A GMB is a great way to garner free exposure and visibility – especially to prospective leads in your area! 

Benefit # 2: Engage with Community

An optimally used GMB allows for you to engage with your local community, organically boosting your business authority and SEO!

Benefit # 3: Client Reviews & Testimonials

One of the best forms of advertising is word of mouth and with a Google My Business Page past clients are able to leave reviews and testimonies of your service!

Benefit # 4: Little Time = High ROI

Creating a GMB requires little effort and little time but can offer a high ROI (Return On Investment). In a matter of minutes, you can go from being unfound and unheard of to automatically pulling to the top of the Search Engine Results Page!

Benefit # 5: Trackable

With the “Insight Tab,” you are able to track the activity happening on your GMB. From seeing how many times the “call now” button was pushed to who visited your website!