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0:00 – Google may offer a guide to help create a campaign, but I suggest exiting it as we’ll go through the process together.

0:19 – The first aspect we’re asked about is bidding. We’ll focus on conversions, aiming for a target cost per acquisition (CPA).

0:39 – The target CPA can vary depending on the platform used. As mentioned before, platforms like RealGeek’s, Chime, and Seer Interactive often result in a cost per lead of $10 to $20.

1:05 – For other platforms, results might vary. We generally start with a target CPA of $15, but it’s adjustable based on performance and market conditions.

1:29 – Another option is to remove the CPA limit and let Google maximize conversions. While this ensures budget utilization, starting with a lower target CPA is advisable.

1:48 – Other bidding strategies include cost-per-click (CPC) and manual CPC bidding on each keyword. However, for most, focusing on conversions with a set target CPA is effective.

2:03 – I’ll set our target CPA at $15.

2:12 – For ‘customer acquisition’, I won’t select ‘bid for new customers only’, as this requires uploading extensive data and doesn’t significantly impact the campaign.

2:19 – In my experience, this setting doesn’t greatly affect campaign performance, so we’ll proceed without it.


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