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Campaign Settings

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0:00 – In our campaign settings, we first choose whether to run ads only on Google or include search partners and the display network. I recommend starting with just Google, as we can always expand to partners later if needed.

0:46 – Next, we specify our target locations. For this example, we’re focusing on Cape Coral. We use the ‘target presence or interest’ option, allowing us to reach not only locals but also those outside the area interested in Cape Coral.

1:22 – To refine targeting, we add negative locations. This involves excluding countries we don’t wish to target, like those outside North America, if that’s our focus.

2:00 – We can add these exclusions in bulk. I’ll demonstrate how to do this using a pre-made list, which is available for you as well.

2:40 – Excluding countries depends on your preferences. If you’re only interested in leads from specific regions, this step is crucial.

3:01 – For language settings, I’m sticking with English. We also add audience segments for observation, allowing us to see their performance and make bid adjustments later based on conversion rates.

3:20 – We select specific demographics or audiences, like those related to real estate, to observe their interaction with our ads.

4:04 – We turn off the use of broad match keywords. I’ll explain the details of broad, phrase, and exact match keywords in a future video.

4:33 – In ‘More Settings,’ you can set a schedule for your ads. This is useful if you want to manage leads during specific hours, like 7 AM to 10 PM.

5:14 – Once these settings are adjusted, we’re ready to proceed to the next step.

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