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Duplicating Ad Groups

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0:00 – Initially, I planned to create three ad groups but will demonstrate just one for efficiency. You can duplicate this process for additional groups.

0:19 – In our Cape Coral campaign, I’ll first rename the existing ad group to ‘homes’ and then create a new one for ‘pool homes.’

0:39 – I’ll duplicate the ‘homes’ ad group for efficiency, making it easier to adjust for the ‘pool homes’ group.

1:09 – After duplicating, I’ll modify the new ad group to fit the ‘pool homes’ theme.

1:43 – For the ‘pool homes’ ad group, I’ll replace or modify keywords to align with this specific theme.

2:32 – Using a cheat sheet, I’ll adjust the keywords, replacing placeholders with ‘Cape Coral.’

3:20 – Despite Google indicating low volume for these keywords, they can still be effective and worth testing.

3:27 – Next, I’ll adjust the ads within the ‘pool homes’ group to ensure they align with the theme.

4:07 – Most ad copy from the duplicated group can remain the same, with minor tweaks to include ‘pool’ related terms.

5:19 – The goal is to ensure the ad copy closely matches what the user is searching for, such as ‘Cape Coral homes with pools for sale.’

6:01 – Site link extensions and callouts can also be tailored to emphasize pool-related features.

6:33 – Once adjustments are made, save the ad, and the ‘pool homes’ ad group is ready.

6:46 – With ‘homes’ and ‘pool homes’ ad groups set, you can duplicate or create new ad groups for other specific themes within Cape Coral.

7:04 – For different towns or specific focuses like luxury homes, consider creating new campaigns.

7:29 – This process demonstrates basic ad group creation and duplication for targeted advertising.

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