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Excluded Keywords

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0:00 – This segment explains how to add a negative keyword list to prevent ads from showing for unwanted terms, such as “rent,” “job,” or “lease.”

0:08 – We’ve compiled a negative keyword list, accessible under ‘tools’ and ‘shared library’ in the Google Ads interface.

0:28 – To use this list, be aware of your specific state’s name and abbreviation. Remove these from the list to ensure your ads show up correctly in your target location.

0:47 – This approach helps avoid showing ads in areas with similar city or neighborhood names in different states.

1:04 – For instance, remove ‘Florida’ and ‘FL’ from the list if you’re targeting Cape Coral, Florida.

1:10 – After adjusting the list, you can save and apply it to your campaign to filter out unwanted traffic.

1:41 – Remember to apply this negative keyword list to any future campaigns you create.

1:59 – This step is crucial for ensuring your advertising budget is not wasted on irrelevant keywords.

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