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0:00 – My name is Philip Pasma, and I am the owner of Asterisk Marketing. I also run the DIY Agents community. Our team at Asterisk manages over $300,000 a month in Google Ads for our clients.

0:13 – We generate over 13,000 leads a month, and we’re going to show you the exact methods to build a Google Ads campaign so you can achieve the same results for your business.

0:25 – We’ll answer questions like, “Why are Google Ads important for you as a real estate agent?” and “What does it entail?”

0:32 – We’ll explain terms you might have heard, such as click-through rate and Cost-Per-Click. We also have bonus material where you can simply copy and paste keywords and ad assets, making it very easy to create a campaign.

0:49 – If you’re ready to get started, let’s begin with our first question: “Why should you care about Google Ads?”



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