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Keywords & Ad

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00:01 – We’re creating ad groups for our Cape Coral campaign. We’ll make three types: a generic group for ‘homes for sale in Cape Coral,’ one for ‘pool homes,’ and another for ‘North Cape Coral.’

00:36 – You have the option to create more ad group types, like luxury homes, condos, or specific neighborhoods.

01:00 – Google offers some keyword recommendations, but we’ll use our own list, replacing ‘New York’ with ‘Cape Coral’ in our examples.

01:45 – We use quotation marks for phrase match keywords, which need to appear in the search queries, and brackets for exact match keywords, which require an exact match of the terms.

02:22 – Broad match keywords are less restricted and Google may show your ad for similar searches, known as close variances.

03:26 – We generally avoid broad matches due to their broad reach and higher cost per lead.

04:14 – It’s best to start with phrase and exact matches for more targeted advertising.

06:46 – Next, we select a landing page matching the search terms, ensuring it’s relevant to the ad group’s theme.

07:59 – Add the landing page URL, and in the display path, include keywords like ‘Cape Coral homes for sale’ for relevance.

09:18 – Fill out as much ad copy as possible, using resources like cheat sheets or ChatGPT for creative ideas.

10:35 – Stick to the theme of your keywords in the main headers of your ads.

11:26 – Add descriptions relevant to the ad group’s theme.

12:08 – Verify your business to include your name and logo in the ad.

12:33 – Add site links to provide more options to the user, like advanced property search or selling a home.

15:34 – Include callouts for features or actions, such as virtual tours or daily property alerts.

16:46 – Add a call option with your phone number, and utilize structured snippets for additional information like neighborhoods or types of homes.

18:32 – Regarding budget, a healthy starting point is around $300 to $500 a month, with an ideal budget of about $1000 to generate substantial leads.

19:34 – A $14 daily budget is a reasonable starting point, and you can always adjust based on initial performance and lead generation.

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