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Review & Conversion Tracking

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Conversion Tracking Setup


0:01 – After reviewing our campaign setup, everything looks good. However, we still need to cover an important aspect in another video: setting up conversion tracking.

0:29 – We can publish the campaign now but will pause it until conversion tracking is set up.

0:57 – Pausing and re-enabling the campaign doesn’t affect the conversion rate.

1:07 – Conversion tracking is crucial for understanding which keywords, ads, and ad groups are effective. To set it up, we need to access goals, conversions, and summary in Google Ads.

1:17 – Google may create a goal based on previous inputs, but it won’t track without the necessary code.

1:29 – To implement conversion tracking, coordinate with your platform provider. Specific instructions for platforms like Sierra, Real Geeks, and Chime will be provided. For others like KV Core or iHouse Web, you’ll need to contact them directly.

2:15 – Typically, you’ll need to send some code to your platform provider for setup.

2:36 – When adding a conversion action, you’ll need to enter specific details and obtain a Google tag to send to your website provider.

3:34 – If you encounter difficulties, I can try to help or direct you to resources for various platforms.

4:01 – Another method involves using Google Analytics (GA4) for conversion tracking, linking it with Google Ads, and importing goals from there.

4:28 – It’s essential to set up conversion tracking before running ads to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign.

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