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Setting up the Google Ads Campaign

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0:00 – When setting up a Google Ads campaign, the first step is to choose our campaign objective, such as sales, leads, or traffic. We’ll select ‘leads’ for our purpose.

0:07 – Next, we’re presented with different types, including ‘Search’ (basic and highly effective), where our ad shows up based on Google searches, ‘Performance Max’ (across YouTube, Gmail, and Discovery), ‘Display’ (on Google and its network), ‘Shopping’ (in Google’s shopping feed), ‘Video’ (on YouTube), and ‘Demand Gen’ (a smart campaign with limited control).

0:57 – We’ll focus on the ‘Search’ type, aiming to show ads for searches like “homes for sale in your area.”

1:16 – The system then asks how we want to reach our goal, offering options like website, store, or app visits. We’ll choose website visits and enter our website URL.

1:35 – For the lead conversion goal, we’ll select ‘signups’ or ‘form submissions from your website.’ Though this choice isn’t critical at this stage, we’ll need to refine it later based on the platform we use.

2:01 – Conversion tracking setup is essential for an effective campaign, but initially, ‘form submissions from your website’ will suffice.

2:13 – We’ll name our campaign based on the city we’re targeting. For this example, I’ll use ‘Cape Coral’ as the campaign name.

2:31 – Finally, we have the option to enable ‘enhanced conversions’ to optimize our campaign, which I recommend turning on.

2:55 – After agreeing to the terms, we’re ready to proceed.

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