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The Core Concepts of Google Ads

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0:02 – Now that we understand the importance of running Google Ads for real estate agents, let’s delve deeper into the platform itself.

0:10 – Google Ads is a potent online advertising platform by Google, allowing us to showcase ads on its website. I’ll outline some key components of the Google Ads search engine result page.

0:22 – A few essential elements of Google Ads, one of which we’ve previously discussed, include:

0:27 – Google operates on a pay-per-click model, meaning we pay only when someone clicks on our ad and visits our landing page.

0:41 – Google’s ad ranking is determined through an ad auction. It considers several factors, such as:

0:56 – Quality scores, including expected click-through rates, assessing if people are likely to click on your ad.

1:03 – Ad relevance, ensuring your ad matches your keywords. For example, mismatching locations in your ad copy and keywords can lower your quality score.

1:15 – Landing page relevance, checking if it contains similar keywords and matches the searcher’s intent.

1:23 – The bid amount on keywords also influences ad placement.

1:33 – Keyword targeting is another fundamental aspect, allowing our ad to appear based on specific search terms.

1:53 – Google Ads offers various ad formats. We’ll focus on text-based ads in this video, but there are also display and video ads, useful for retargeting and platforms like YouTube.

2:14 – Campaign management is crucial for ongoing success with Google Ads.

2:35 – Budget control is a key advantage, allowing flexibility in setting and adjusting daily budgets, as well as pausing campaigns.

3:07 – Lastly, analytics and reporting are integral to Google Ads. They provide insights on clicks, impressions, conversions, competitor analysis, device performance, and audience segments.

3:44 – This was a brief overview of Google Ads. There are many more components, but for now, let’s move on to the next section and start building your campaign.

3:57 – Let’s jump right into the next video.

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