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What You Need For This Course

Recommended Platforms:

Real Geeks

Sierra Interactive

Lofty (previously Chime)

If you would like to discuss these platforms further to see which one might be the best for you, please reach out here! Each platform has different strengths when it comes to PPC, CRM, SEO, solo vs team, etc. 


0:00 – To create an effective campaign, you’ll need three key things. First, an IDX-enabled website is essential. This website should enable users to search for homes based on location, type, etc., and provide specific landing pages for traffic directed from your ads.

0:21 – The second requirement is a lead capture mechanism. Ideally, this should activate upon the first property click on your website. While some users may bounce at this point, immediate lead capture has been shown to yield the highest ROI. Delaying this to after several property views can result in lost lead opportunities.

1:04 – Finally, the ability to track leads is crucial. Without tracking, optimizing your campaign becomes nearly impossible. Most platforms offer this feature, but it’s vital to confirm that yours does.

1:33 – From our experience running PPC for numerous clients, we recommend platforms like RealGeeks, Sierra Interactive, and Chime/Lofty. Platforms like KvCore, iHouse Web, and Agent Fire may have a higher cost per lead.

1:58 – If you have any questions about which platform is best for you, including their pros and cons, please contact us at Asterisk Marketing. We’re here to guide you in the right direction.

2:28 – These elements are vital to maximize the benefits of this course and to start generating leads on a large scale.


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