PPC Questionnaire

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    As soon as possible





    • I understand that to maximize my investment, following up with each lead (which includes calling as soon as possible, text & email workflows, monitoring my CRM, etc.) is vital

    • I understand that although I will start generating leads soon, many people will be at the early stages of their buying cycle & Asterisk Marketing can not control where the lead is in the buying cycle. By continuing to provide value & following up, I can set myself up for future success and achieve a high return on my investment.

    • I understand that although Asterisk Marketing does not require a contract, they recommend running a PPC campaign for at least 6 months to understand the true potential.

    • Since we are using a forced lead capture, some of the people who sign up will input false information. This is entirely normal.

    • I understand that the number of leads & cost per lead will fluctuate month to month based on market trends, seasonality, pausing campaigns, competition & account health. This is completely normal.

    • Although the cost per lead is a metric Asterisk Marketing tracks, there are other factors to consider such as the price of the home the person is looking at, the locations I am targeting, etc.

    • I understand that the monthly advertising investment may fluctuate from month to month, and some months Asterisk Marketing may pause the campaign to not overspend. Asterisk Marketing will reach out to me, giving me the option of continuing to run the campaign or pausing the campaign until the following month.

    • I understand that Asterisk Marketing does not give Google & Bing account access until I have been a paying client for 6 consecutive months. Data/stats are shown through monthly reports, Google Analytics & account calls.

    • I understand that if Asterisk Marketing does not receive payment for PPC monthly management within 10 business days of the invoice being sent, my account will be paused and all work will be stopped until payment is made.

    • To read more about how PPC works, please check out this blog.