By Phil
Oct. 13. 2022

5 Benefits of Posting on Your Google Business Profile as a Realtor

Can real estate agents have a Google Business profile? Yes! A Google Business profile is a free listing that appears when someone searches for your business on Google. This profile includes your business name, location, hours, phone number, website, and photos. For many reasons, realtors need to utilize a Google Business profile. 

While it may seem like having a Google business profile is a no-brainer, you may be surprised to know that many businesses don’t have one. In fact, according to the most recent data from 2018, only 56% of businesses have claimed their Google My Business listing. 

So, if you’re one of the 44% of businesses that haven’t claimed their listing yet, or if you’re just curious about how having a listing can benefit your real estate business, here are five reasons why you should be posting regular updates on your Google Business profile. 

Statistics about Google Business Profiles

With over 60,000 searches performed on Google every second, using the tool to your advantage is a must. Google Business profiles are becoming an expectation for business owners. Here are some statistics about Google Business profiles: 

  • Over 60% of consumers have utilized a Google Business profile to contact a business they were interested in, and this number is poised to grow. 
  • The average business listing gets over 50 actions on their listing every month. 
  • 16% of businesses receive over 100 calls per month directly from their listing. 
  • Over 50% of actions taken on Google Business profiles are website clicks. 

These statistics show that simply having an optimized profile can draw in new business, so keeping it active and exciting can only help bring more business your way. Real estate posting for Google My Business should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. 

5 Benefits of Posting on Google Business Profile as a Realtor

1. It Can Boost SEO Rankings 

One of the main benefits of Google my business for real estate is that it can help boost your SEO rankings. When you claim and verify your listing, you’re more likely to appear in local search results, which is great news if you’re trying to attract local customers. 

In addition, according to Moz, businesses with complete and accurate listings are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers. So, if you want your real estate business to be seen as trustworthy and credible, having a verified Google business listing is a must. 

A realtor’s Google Business profile is one of the most important tools for real estate SEO rankings. Realtors can use their profiles to list their business hours, contact information, business services, and even feature photos and videos. Google uses this information to help potential customers find realtors in their area. In addition, realtors can use their profiles to post blog articles, which helps to improve their SEO rankings. By including keyword-rich content in their profile, realtors can attract more website visitors and improve their chances of being found by potential clients.

Boosting SEO Rankings of Your Google Business Profile as a Realtor

2. It Increases Brand Awareness 

Another benefit of having a Google business profile is that it can help increase brand awareness for your real estate business. When potential customers see your business pop up in their search results, they’ll become aware of your brand even if they weren’t actively looking for a realtor. 

Anyone in the real estate business knows that brand awareness is key to success. A strong online presence can make all the difference when it comes to attracting new clients. Creating a Google Business listing allows businesses to appear in Google search results, which can significantly increase traffic to their website. In addition, a Business profile also allows businesses to manage their online reputation and interact with customers. As a result, a Google Business profile is an essential tool for any realtor looking to increase brand awareness.

Moreover, according to HubSpot Research, 61% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a retailer with local listings than one without them. So not only will having a Google listing increase brand awareness for your business—it will also make it more likely that potential customers will choose to do business with you over the competition. 

3. It’s Free Advertising

As a realtor, you are always looking for new ways to advertise your properties and reach potential buyers. You may not realize it, but by creating a Google Business profile, you are doing just that. 

Google My Business is a free service that allows businesses to create and manage their listing on Google. This listing can appear in search results, on Google Maps, and even on the right-hand side of the screen when people are searching for related terms. 

More importantly, a well-optimized listing can help you to rank higher in search results. And since real estate is such a competitive industry, anything that can give you an edge is worth considering. So if you haven’t already created a Google Business profile, now is the time, and it could be the key to unlocking greater success in your real estate career.

Posting about important updates, sales, new listings, or open houses on your Google Business listing is essential to keeping your profile optimized and performing its best. It should be used just like any other social media channel you’re on.

Google Business profiles are a realtor’s best friend when increasing their brand’s awareness online. Realtors with a Google Business profile have twice the chance of being found on the first page of relevant Google searches than realtors without one. And we all know that organic real estate traffic from Google is essential for generating leads and closing deals. 

In addition, realtors with a Google Business profile also receive valuable insights into how potential customers interact with their brands online. This data can be used to make strategic decisions about marketing campaigns and website design. Overall, realtors who invest in a Google Business profile can expect to see a significant return on their investment in terms of increased brand awareness and lead generation.

Establishing the Credibility of Your Google Business Profile as a Realtor

4. It Establishes Your Credibility as a Professional

When people are looking to buy or sell a home, they want to work with a realtor that they can trust. A realtor’s Google Business profile is one of the first places potential clients will look to learn more about them and their business.

A realtor’s Google Business profile builds credibility by providing an overview of their experience, services, and customers’ reviews. Furthermore, a realtor’s Google Business profile ranking is determined by the quality and quantity of their reviews. Realtors must encourage their clients to leave reviews on their Google Business profiles to help build their credibility and improve their ranking.

Along with reviews and a complete profile, posting regular quality content can help establish you as a professional and a thought leader in the industry. Many clients want to work with someone who has fresh ideas, is experienced, and has a proven track record of success. 

Being able to contact you all from one place, like your Google Business listing, not only makes it easy for potential clients but also makes you look organized and easy to communicate with. Including a call-to-action on each new post makes it easy and encourages people to contact you. 

5. It’s Easy to Use (And Your Competitors Use It!)

As a realtor, it is essential to have an online presence, which is why most have a Google Business listing. A strong web presence will help you reach more potential clients and close more deals. It’s an expectation now for businesses to look credible on Google, and if all your competitors have listings, it’s imperative that you do, too. 

Google Business profiles are free and so easy for us. They allow you to showcase your real estate business on Google Search and Maps. You can customize your profile with photos, videos, and information about your services. You can also use your profile to boost your google my business ranking. Potential clients can leave reviews, ask questions, and you can respond to them publicly. Google Business profiles are an easy way to build an excellent online presence for your real estate business.

There are plenty of good reasons to claim and take advantage of your Google My Business listing, especially if you’re a realtor. Not only will it help boost your SEO rankings and increase brand awareness for your real estate business, but it will also make it more likely that potential customers will choose to do business with you over the competition. Posting on your Google Business profile is the key to making a difference in the real estate industry.

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