By Phil
Oct. 27. 2022

instagram bio ideas for real estate agents

If you’re a real estate agent and you want to optimize your Instagram account so it stands out, then you have come to the right place! This blog article will outline 5 Instagram bio ideas for real estate agents to help you ensure your Instagram account is capturing eyes and attracting potential leads. Instagram started off as a photo sharing app but since its release nearly ten years ago it has evolved into a network of connections (including potential homebuyers and sellers) while still maintaining its visual-first approach.

While the platform is very easy to use, it’s important that you use it to your advantage, follow the below tips to ensure your Instagram account is optimized for capturing and engaging real estate leads!

Top Instagram Bio Ideas for Real Estate Agents:

Opt for a professional headshot vs a logo for your profile picture
Your profile photo is the first thing people will see when they click on your account and this is where you want to make a lasting, personal impression. Use a current, high quality photo of yourself – people love seeing other real people and it helps to build trust with your followers.
Because of the small space allowed for profile photos, be sure to remove any logo, text or additional branding from the photo.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Your bio gives you a very limited amount of space to sell yourself to potential followers (who later could become leads!). Here, you’ll want to focus on how you help, what makes you credible and trustworthy and any other details that might help sell you as a real estate agent.

You might want to include:

  • The city and state you service
  • How many homes you have sold
  • How long you’ve been a realtor
  • Accomplishments or awards

Avoid using your bio as a call to action box, instead of this:

Let me sell your home fast for $$$! Call today 555-555-1234

Add value and build trust with a bio like this:

📍Helping you navigate the Cincinnati real estate market
🏡 200+ happy buyers and sellers since 2019
💚 Let’s find your dream home together! ⬇️

Pro tip: use an app like Notes to include line breaks in your bio – copy and paste from your Notes app to Instagram and click Save.

anatomy of a stellar instagram bio for real estate agents

Put your website link to work

Aside from Instagram Stories, your “bio link” or the website link displayed on your Instagram bio is the only link you can use on Instagram. A great way to make this website link work a little bit harder for you is by using a service like Link Tree. This allows you to create a landing page with multiple links to your website which can be quickly accessed from your bio. Because followers cannot copy and paste links on Instagram posts, it is best practice to leave links out of post captions. Instead, include a call to action on your post caption such as: “see more listing photos by tapping the link in my bio!”

Include a real estate keyword in your name

Just like you want to ensure your website is optimized for keywords, your Instagram account should also include relevant keywords in your handle (the text that comes after the @ sign) and your Instagram account name. This will make it easier for new followers to find you when they use the Search function on Instagram – but also makes it clear who you are and what you do when users look at your content in the Instagram feed or on the Explore Page. Using keywords like “Real Estate”, “Real Estate Agent” and “Realtor” alongside your name will ensure your profile is understood both by the Instagram algorithm and by potential followers.

Make it easy for followers to contact you

This is the golden ticket when it comes to turning Followers into potential leads. Your contact button (and your DMs – direct messages) is the main method used by followers who want to start a conversation with you. Adding a Contact button to your profile with your phone number and email address is easy! Simply tap “Edit profile” below your website link, select “Contact options” and type in your information. You can include an email address, phone number and/or a WhatsApp Business phone number. Once you’ve filled that out, a Contact button will appear on your profile page.

Should real estate agents use a personal Instagram account or a business Instagram account?

This is a question a lot of Real Estate agents ask – do they need a business or personal Instagram account? Switching from a personal account to a business account can be done easily

There are definitely pros to switching to an Instagram business account, like:

  • Analytics – with a business account you have access to insights and statistics about your followers, impressions, reach, website clicks and overall performance.
  • CTA/Contact Button – You have a contact button on your profile so people can get in touch easily. Local businesses can also add an office or shop address and phone number.
  • Automation – you can connect a business account to third party software for scheduling posts and social media monitoring.
  • Paid Ads – if you want to promote posts and stories on Instagram, you will need to have a business account

Pro tip: if you want to use trending audio for Reels AND have access to analytics and paid ads, switch to a “Creator” account. It gives you many of the features of a business account, along with trending audio clips that allow for engaging Reels content.

Some users worry that by switching to a business account they will have less reach – but this is less dependent on your account type than your content. If you continue to post valuable, engaging content on your Instagram business account with relevant hashtags, you’ll still reach new followers.

Now that your real estate Instagram profile has been optimized – it’s time to get posting! Need some ideas? Here are 65 post ideas for your real estate social media accounts!

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