By Phil
Jan. 16. 2024

If you, like many Facebook users with a business page, have been bombarded with spam messages lately, you’re not alone. These messages are not only annoying but can also be harmful if you click on their links. Given that Facebook doesn’t seem to be effectively combating these spam messages, it’s important for us to take action ourselves. Here’s a guide on how to adjust the visibility of your Facebook posts, aiming to reduce the influx of spam messages you receive

1. Navigate to

2. Click on your profile picture to “See all profiles”

3. Click your business page

4. Click the profile picture of your business page

5. Click “Settings & privacy”

6. Click “Settings”

7. Click “Privacy”

8. Click “Public posts”

9. Under “Restrictions”, choose the EDIT button by “Country Restrictions”

10. Add the countries you want to show posts to (ex. United States & Canada)

11. Click “Show only to certain countries”

12. Click “Save”

There you go! You should now see fewer spam messages go to your inbox.