By Phil
Feb. 06. 2024

nurture real estate online marketing leads

Buying and selling homes is often marked by a lengthy cycle. Prospective clients may not be ready to make a move immediately, but savvy real estate professionals recognize that such leads shouldn’t be dismissed or overlooked. The key lies in understanding the value of relationship-building during this extended timeline!

In an industry where timing is everything, it’s crucial to recognize that just because a lead isn’t ready to pull the trigger right away doesn’t make them a bad lead. Quite the contrary, this presents an exciting opportunity to cultivate and expand your network, laying the groundwork for future success. By maintaining regular communication and fostering those relationships, you position yourself strategically so that when the time is right, you’ll be the first person they think of.

While the ultimate goal remains converting leads into clients, it’s essential to recognize that each touchpoint with a lead shouldn’t solely be aimed at sealing a deal. Despite your excellent lead-nurturing skills, signing contracts off your first conversation may not happen. Instead, concentrate on being genuinely helpful and set a smaller, achievable goal—getting them to take the next step. Instead, focus on being friendly and providing genuine value to these coveted real estate marketing leads. Demonstrating that you care about your potential clients as individuals goes a long way in building trust and credibility.

By prioritizing genuine connections and providing value, you can build a solid foundation for future success while ensuring that your potential clients see you as a trusted partner in their real estate journey.

Tips To Nurture Your Real Estate Marketing Leads

1. Clean Up Your Email Database

Revitalize your database and take your lead management to the next level by implementing a vibrant tagging system! Picture this: your leads are neatly organized and categorized, allowing you to tailor your messages with precision and charm. It’s like giving each lead a personalized experience in their home-buying or selling journey,

Step into the world of efficient lead segmentation – the key to a well-organized database in real estate online marketing! By assigning distinctive tags, you can effortlessly categorize your leads based on various criteria. Consider tags like “buying” or “selling” to identify the primary intent, or get more specific with tags like “home for a new family” or “condo investment seekers.” With this dynamic tagging approach, you can ensure that each lead receives email content tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

2. Take Advantage of Automation

Imagine a world where your CRM is your trusty sidekick, effortlessly handling the nitty-gritty of follow-ups while you shine in the spotlight with your hot leads and dazzling home showings! It’s like having a personal assistant who never sleeps and always knows when to deliver the perfect message.

Automation isn’t just a time-saver; it’s a game-changer. It frees you up to do what you do best—connecting with clients and showcasing dream homes. Let technology handle the repetitive tasks so you can invest your energy where it matters most. Your leads will appreciate the timely and personalized attention and you’ll be amazed at the efficiency and impact of this automated approach!

3. Build Different Workflows to Nurture Different Leads

Let’s turn lead nurturing into a symphony of tailored perfection—crafting unique and delightful experiences for your leads based on where they are in their home-buying journey. Someone who is looking to buy in two months has different questions and needs compared to someone planning a purchase nine months down the road. It’s not one size fits all, it’s about creating the ideal experience for each potential client. This could include the frequency of follow-ups and the individual messages being delivered.

By strategically placing contacts into workflows tailored to their specific journey, you’re ensuring that your messages are not just heard, but resonated with. Your leads will be effortlessly guided through their unique timelines, receiving just the right message at just the right time.

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4. Invite the Lead to Follow You on Social Media

Getting to know the person who will be working diligently alongside you in your home buying or selling adventure is a vital—and often overlooked—step. Extending the invite to join you on social media is an open invitation to a friendly gathering where you share not just property listings, but also your unique insights, tips, and the very essence of who you are as a realtor. This effortless connection fosters a relationship that goes beyond business, allowing them to get to know you and your brand.

5. Send Monthly Newsletters

Wondering how to keep your leads engaged without overwhelming their inboxes? A monthly newsletter is the perfect place to start! This is a friendly “hello” with a dash of valuable info. Sprinkle some bite-sized details in there and don’t forget to lead them to your website for a deeper dive. Whether it’s a home evaluation tool or market reports showcasing the local scene, make it worth their while. Throw in updates on the ever-changing market and link them to your insightful blog posts. And it never hurts to flaunt your passion for supporting and sponsoring local events!

Now, here’s the secret to catching the eye of your potential clients—give your subject line some much-needed pizzazz. Create a sense of urgency with words like “alert,” “urgent,” or “important.” Or spark their curiosity by teasing the content without giving it all away. Sometimes that “click-bait” is necessary to get the job done!

6. Use the Lead’s Email to Create Retargeting Campaigns on Social Media

Ever thought of turning your leads’ email addresses into a powerful tool for staying top of mind? Well here’s another game-changer—use those emails to craft retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram! As your potential real estate marketing leads are scrolling through their social media feeds, your tailored meta ads pop right up, creating a seamless connection between you and them. It’s just a friendly little reminder of how you can help.

And here’s a pro tip to take it up a notch: embed a retargeting tracker on your website. This savvy move ensures that even past visitors, who might not have left their details as leads, still get a glimpse of your retargeting ads. It’s the little-known key to maintaining a lasting impression, even when they’re just browsing.

7. Contact Engaged Leads

Take a deep dive into your CRM and uncover those highly engaged leads—individuals who’ve been actively exploring your website and immersing themselves in various property listings. This is your moment to shine and make a lasting impression!

As a seasoned real estate professional, leverage your expertise in forging meaningful connections and building strong relationships. Seize the opportunity to reach out to these leads and demonstrate your acute awareness of their preferences. Did you notice a recurring interest in condos within a specific price range? Jackpot! Take decisive action by setting up a meticulously personalized saved search just for them. Notice someone on your website searching at that moment – give them a call! By acknowledging and responding to the engaged lead’s specific interests, you’re not just selling real estate; you’re curating an experience that speaks directly to their aspirations, turning each interaction into a personalized experience toward finding their dream home. Your ability to go beyond the transaction and create a connection is what sets you apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

real estate online marketing lead

8. Don’t Shy Away from Using Your Phone

It’s great to have these workflows, newsletters and retargeting ads set up, but nothing can beat the power of a personal phone call. Establish a strategic schedule that seamlessly integrates phone calls into your lead nurturing strategy. Reserve these moments for reaching out to the hottest leads, those actively engaging with your emails or social media posts.

Here’s a pro move: leverage the capabilities of your CRM to automate text messages in between your emails. Craft compelling, concise messages that maintain engagement without overwhelming your leads. This thoughtful blend of communication channels ensures that your message is not only heard but resonates in a way that suits your audience’s preferences. In a world where digital interactions dominate, a well-timed phone call or a carefully crafted text can really set you apart!

How Do You Know if Your Lead Nurturing is Working?

Online real estate marketing is an ongoing process. You’re going to need to embark on a journey of continuous improvement by rigorously testing and refining your real estate lead nurturing process. Success is multifaceted, and understanding the nuances beyond just closed contracts is key. Here are some vital metrics to keep a watchful eye on that will unveil the effectiveness of your follow ups and affirm your position as the go-to agent:

  • Percentage of Leads Responding: Timely responses are the lifeblood of real estate. Gauge the percentage of leads responding within a specific timeframe—a crucial measure of your responsiveness and connection-building prowess.
  • Website Visits: Your online presence is a digital storefront. Track the footfall with website visits to discern the effectiveness of your lead nurturing efforts in driving potential clients to explore your offerings further.
  • Open Rates and Click-Through Rates: Uncover the resonance of your communication by delving into the open rates and click-through rates of your email campaigns. A high engagement level suggests a compelling narrative that captivates your audience.
  • Engagement Levels and Conversions: Distinguish the impact of various content types, from enticing property listings to insightful market reports and captivating blog posts. Measure engagement levels and conversions to tailor your content strategy for maximum effect.

By meticulously tracking these essential data points, you gain a panoramic view of your real estate lead nurturing landscape. More than just numbers, these metrics are strategic compasses guiding you toward success. Leverage the insights garnered to replicate triumphs and experiment with fresh tactics, fostering a culture of continuous optimization in your real estate online marketing strategies. The result? A finely tuned approach that propels you to the forefront of the real estate arena!


The journey from lead to client is a nuanced dance and mastering the steps is key to long-term success. Beyond perfecting your sales pitch, the true magic lies in skillfully nurturing your leads. Remember, a lead not ready today doesn’t equate to a lost opportunity; it’s a potential waiting to unfold. Utilize the tips shared to foster meaningful connections that endure and position yourself as the agent of choice when the time is right.