By Phil
May. 23. 2024

Standing out from the competition, making a name for yourself, and staying connected with potential clients is key in the real estate business. Remarketing offers a powerful solution to this challenge by allowing you to re-engage visitors who have already shown an interest in your particular services. This targeted approach not only enhances brand awareness but also builds trust and increases conversion rates. By leveraging remarketing, you can ensure that your real estate business remains seated in the minds of prospective clients, driving more leads and sales.

What Are Remarketing Ads?

Remarketing ads, also known as retargeting ads, are a form of online advertising that targets users who have previously interacted with a website. The main goal of remarketing for real estate business is to re-engage these potential clients by showing them relevant ads as they browse other websites or use other apps. In terms of real estate, it can be used to send new listings to potential buyers who are searching in your area of expertise.

Here’s what you can expect from remarketing ads:

Tracking User Activity: When a user visits a website, a small piece of code (often called a pixel or tag) is placed on their browser. This code tracks their behavior on the site, such as which property listings they viewed, whether they searched for homes in a particular area, or if they filled out any request forms.

Creating Audience Lists: Based on the tracked data, the website can create lists of users who performed specific actions, like viewing a particular property, browsing certain neighbourhoods, or starting, but not finishing, an inquiry form.

Displaying Ads: These lists are then used to display targeted ads to these users as they browse other websites or use apps that are part of the ad network. For example, if a user viewed several properties in a specific neighbourhood but didn’t make an inquiry, they might see ads showcasing those properties or similar ones when they visit other sites.

Personalization: Remarketing for real estate agents can be highly personalized. They can show specific properties that the browser showed interest in, offer virtual tour invitations, or remind the use of properties they saved to their favourites.

Platforms: There are several major advertising platforms that support remarketing ads for real estate business, including Google Ads and Meta (Facebook and Instagram). These platforms provide tools to create and manage remarketing campaigns, including setting up the tracking code, creating audience segments, and designing the ads.

The Benefits of Remarketing Ads for Real Estate Agents

Utilizing remarketing ads in real estate offers numerous advantages that can significantly boost your marketing outcomes. Here are the key benefits expanded:

Increased Awareness and Engagement

Remarketing ads help keep your real estate agency or properties top of mind by continually reminding potential clients of their initial interest. This repeated exposure is crucial for nurturing leads, as it reinforces your presence and increases the likelihood that these individuals will return to your site to take further action, such as scheduling a viewing or contacting an agent.

Multiple Touchpoints

Effective marketing often requires multiple touchpoints before a lead converts into a client. Remarketing ads ensure that your brand appears in front of potential clients across different platforms and websites they visit. This persistent presence builds familiarity and trust, making it more likely that prospects will consider your agency when they are ready to buy or sell a property.

Targeted Audience

Remarketing ads focus on users who have already shown interest in your services by visiting your website or viewing specific property listings. This targeted approach means that you are advertising to an audience that is already partially engaged, which can lead to higher conversion rates compared to general advertising that reaches a broader, less interested audience.


By concentrating your advertising efforts on users who have already demonstrated some level of interest, remarketing ads are more cost-effective. This method reduces wasted ad spend on individuals who are unlikely to convert, maximizing the return on investment. As a result, your marketing budget is used more efficiently, targeting those most likely to engage with your real estate services.

Enhanced Brand Recall

Constant exposure through remarketing helps in building brand recall. When potential clients see your ads regularly, your real estate agency remains top of mind. This increased visibility is particularly beneficial in a competitive market, where being remembered can be the difference between a lead choosing your agency or going with a competitor.

Customizable Campaigns

Remarketing allows for highly customizable ad campaigns. You can segment your audience based on their interactions with your website—whether they viewed specific properties, read certain blog posts, or started but did not complete an inquiry form. Tailoring your ads to these segments with relevant messages and offers can significantly improve engagement and conversion rates.

How Do Remarketing Ads Work?

Remember that little piece of code we talked about? These codes are tailored to the platform you’re using, like Google Ads or Meta. When a potential client lands on your website, this code drops an anonymous cookie onto their computer. You know those pop-ups that say “Accept All Cookies” when you visit a site? By clicking yes, you’re essentially agreeing to receive remarketing ads.

Imagine someone visits your real estate website, browses through various area pages or blogs, but leaves without filling out a lead capture form. You don’t have their contact information, making it impossible to follow up directly. However, with the cookie in place, when this person later visits other websites within the retargeting network, such as an online news site, they will see ads for your real estate business. This way, even though you don’t know their identity, you can still market your services to them. The ads they see can be customized based on their interactions with your site, ranging from general branded ads to more specific buyer or seller-focused ads, or even tailored custom ad lists. This keeps your business in their mind and increases the chances of converting them into a lead.

How Do Remarketing Ads Help Your Real Estate Business?

By reconnecting with visitors who have previously explored your website, remarketing ads keep your brand at the forefront, build trust, and increase the chances of conversion—which is the whole point of marketing! This strategy not only boosts brand awareness but also complements your existing marketing efforts, offering cost-effective and customizable solutions to engage both new and existing leads.

Helps Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is essential to a real estate business. Remarketing ads are a powerful tool for achieving that brand awareness by consistently exposing potential clients to your website. By frequently displaying your ads to users who have previously visited your site, remarketing helps to reinforce your brand in their minds. This continuous exposure aids in differentiating your real estate brand from competitors, making it more recognizable and memorable. When potential leads start considering their need for a real estate agent, your brand is the one they think of, thanks to the effective brand awareness cultivated through remarketing. This not only increases the likelihood of them choosing your services but also enhances your overall market presence.

Complements Your Other Marketing Efforts

Integrating remarketing ads with your other marketing efforts, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, ensures continued engagement with potential clients who have shown interest in your real estate website. If your current strategies drive traffic to your site but don’t capture visitors’ information on their first visit, remarketing allows you to keep marketing to them. By combining remarketing with PPC and other tactics, you can re-engage these visitors as they browse other sites, reminding them of your brand and services. This persistent visibility helps nurture potential leads, increasing the chances of conversion by staying connected with interested prospects who might otherwise be lost.

Builds a Connection With Visitors

Continued exposure to your real estate business through remarketing ads is a simple way to build a stronger connection with your potential clients. As people repeatedly encounter your ads, they begin to feel more familiar and comfortable with your brand—they see your face, they get to know the area you work in, and they come to know your style and personality. This repeated interaction fosters trust and makes your business more memorable.

Consequently, when these individuals are ready to make their next move, they are more likely to choose your real estate services because they have developed a sense of faith and connection with your company. By consistently reminding them of your presence and expertise, remarketing ads effectively strengthen the bond between your business and potential clients, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Potential For Customization

Remarketing ads offer extensive customization potential, allowing you to engage not only website visitors who haven’t signed up as leads but also those already in your CRM. By building a custom audience list based on your existing leads, you can take remarketing to the next level.

Segment your audience into different categories and target them with specific display ads relevant to their needs. For instance, create a seller’s ad campaign for leads interested in selling their homes, showcasing your expertise and value as a seller’s agent. This level of customization ensures that your ads are highly relevant, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion by addressing the specific interests and needs of each segment.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Remarketing ads are a cost-effective marketing strategy because they target a specific audience—people who have already shown interest in your real estate business. Unlike broader advertising methods that reach a wide and often uninterested audience, remarketing focuses on individuals who have previously visited your website or engaged with your content. This precision reduces wasted ad spend, as your ads are directed at potential clients who are more likely to convert. By continuously engaging a pre-qualified audience, you maximize your advertising budget and achieve better returns on investment, making remarketing a highly efficient and economical choice for your real estate marketing efforts.


Remarketing is a game-changing strategy that can elevate your real estate business by keeping you connected with potential clients, boosting brand awareness, and driving conversions. By targeting individuals who have already shown interest in your services, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are both effective and cost-efficient. Now that you understand the importance and benefits of remarketing, it’s time to take action. Reach out to Asterisk today to start your remarketing campaign and see how we can help you maximize your real estate business’s potential. Let us guide you through the process and turn interested visitors into loyal clients.